Facebook Giveaway - Step in to Spring

My previous giveaway was a bit of a bust since there weren't any valid entries in time =/ I'm hoping that this giveaway will be better -

You'll have 4 chances to win - prizes include the following:

  • Totoro Macaron Charm - hand embroidered & stitched macaron charm on linen, with Chibi and Chu charms drawn & colored by hand onto acrylic. Silver plated leaves and chain with Swarovski beads in green, for this quiet forest-dweller and his friends. Small enough to hold a few coins or small earrings for safekeeping.
  • Hello Kitty Makeup Brush Case - magnetic snap to keep everything secure, with a piece of fabric that folds over brush heads to keep them from getting smushed while you travel. Inner lining and flap have been coated with vinyl to make it easy to clean - simply use a damp cloth and you're good to go!
  • 2 mystery prizes, which will be new items for my shop that I haven't had the chance to photograph. Hint: There will be another macaron-themed item up for grabs!
More details can be found here: { DCBIJOU FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY } You'll have to post on facebook to enter; comments on this post won't count as an entry (but I'd love to hear from you if you want to leave a comment anyway!). 

And now, back I go to cutting fabric, sewing up a storm, and baking away in my little patisserie...


2012 in Review

2012 was quite the year for DCbijou - after relocating from Philadelphia to Washington DC, I found my stride and got attention for my travel accessories. Thanks to some support and help from family, I was able to participate in some local holiday craft fairs and gained some exposure to local customers. November and December were extremely busy months for me, and while I was exhausted, I felt extremely satisfied with what had been accomplished.

I became an official small business owner this year, following through the necessary steps to register my business. It was a big step for me, as I've never done anything like this before, but it feels great to have this as something to call my own. I hope it will continue to grow with your support!

There are lots of new and exciting things that I plan to work on for 2013 - creating and adding new products to my shop, selling at more handmade fairs, and expanding and streamlining what I want DCbijou to become. I really fell short on updating this blog regularly, but I'd like to at least start with posting something new every week, whether it's a peek into what I'm working on, or customer appreciation photos, or maybe even a tutorial or two for some DIY help.

Thank you to everyone that's stopped by the blog, facebook page, and etsy shop - it makes me so happy to create something that will be enjoyed by others. I smile when I think of where I've shipped my handmade items all around the globe. Keep on watching this space for updates, or you can find me on my other social media sites:


Shop News

It's been months since I last updated, and I apologize for that! It's honestly a lot easier to update my Facebook page, and I've just recently signed up for Instagram and Pinterest as well! You'll see more sneak peeks at shop items on Instagram, since it's really easy to snap a pic with my phone and upload using their app.

The holidays are right around the corner, and I'm going to have a go at selling locally at some holiday/craft fairs...which means spending as much time as possible creating more items for my inventory! My first craft fair was rather nerve wracking, but I've got more time to plan out what to make/sell, how to display it, and I plan to get there early so I can have more time to set up properly. If you're in the NoVa area, be sure to stop by - I'll post details about each fair as the date approaches.

The Etsy shop will remain open, since I get a lot of custom orders these days, but you'll see a lot of new things popping up in the next couple of weeks.

I've improved my pattern for luggage tags, so they look a lot nicer:

I've added some deluxe travel wallets to the shop as well - these feature more pockets, so you can keep multiple credit cards, room keys, and cash in your wallet/organizer along with your passport and boarding passes/tickets in one place while you travel. You can even use these as everyday wallets, using the larger pockets to keep a slim notebook (like a Moleskine) or slips of paper, to run errands around town.

I recently added some items to a new shop section....

Spawned from the need to keep my Moleskine notebooks organized, I've added notebook covers to my shop! I've always got a little notebook within reach to jot down shop ideas, patterns, supply lists, as well as other notebooks for writing down To Do lists and hundreds of other things. Yes, I could use my phone and make a memo, but sometimes it's easier to grab for a pen and paper if it's within reach. I've got a few Moleskine notebooks (one for sketching and another for writing things out) and I was constantly grabbing for the wrong one because they've both got black covers. 

Now I know which one is for sketching, in this adorable "Made with Love" fabric, while the other journal is without a cover (while I hurry and make more for others to buy). If you're a fan of Moleskine notebooks and journals, visit my shop to see the new covers! Make it easier to find the right journal or notebook and carry it with you wherever you go!

There are only a few listed in the shop right now, for pocket and large Moleskines, but you can always request a custom cover using any of the fabrics seen in my shop. Just get in touch with me to set something up for you :)


New Travel Accessories

I'm still out of town for the time being, but I wanted to share a new item that will be added to my shop once I get back...

Fabric luggage tags - they will coordinate perfectly with the passport covers and travel wallets that I currently offer in my shop, and I've made sure to make them sturdy to endure their trip through cargo. Metal eyelets reinforce the fabric and vinyl loops have enough stretch in them without getting separated from the luggage or the tag. The other side includes a vinyl window so you can put in a business card size piece of paper with your contact information. 

I'm also offering the option of adding a stencil to add to the front of the tags for a little more personalization. My luggage tag (above) has a cat profile, but many other images will be available, along with the option of monogramming your initials.

If you're looking for a nice little gift to your future husband/wife, or you know a couple about to get married, my shop will also offer a set of luggage tags with "Mr. & Mrs." text. You'll be able to choose from different fonts and phrases, such as "Bride/Groom" or "Bridesmaid/Groomsman" should you wish to get a set for your wedding party.

These luggage tags aren't just for your suitcase the next time you travel - they'd made a great ID tag for children's bags and totes at camp or school, or you can add them to pet carriers or use them to present a gift card.

Please feel free to contact me at dcbijoudc@gmail.com if you'd like to set up a custom order!


One Year Celebration

April marks my one year anniversary of opening my shop on Etsy - there's still plenty to learn, but having this shop has been so rewarding. I really am at my happiest when I'm working with fabrics to make something new, or wrapping wire around stones to make a piece of jewelry. It all started out as a hobby to take my mind off other things going on around me, and blossomed into a thriving little online shop.

I'm so grateful for my customers :) In celebration of my shop anniversary, all purchases this month will include a scratch off ticket, good for prizes that can be redeemed in my shop. The prizes include discounts off a future purchase, free earrings, and the Grand Prize is a $25 credit on anything in the shop! It's a great way to win a little something for yourself while you shop for a birthday gift or Mother's Day gift.

In other shop news, I got some new business cards from Moo -

 I adore the complimentary storage box!

I opted to use my own images, using items from my shop along with fabric patterns and cute logos

I really love the quality of Moo cards - they make regular business cards as well, and just released their Luxe line. The cards feel really nice, and the images are saturated with color. They occasionally offer discounts, but in all honesty, the cards are worth every penny you spend.

If anyone happens to be in Philadelphia next month, I'll be selling my crafts for the first time at the Punk Rock Flea Market. It will be my first time selling at the PRFM, as well as selling at any sort of fair/craft show, so I'm a bit nervous and excited at the same time. I also plan to sell some gluten free pumpkin roll, as a sweet treat alternative to all the vegan baked goods that are sold there. Hopefully it will go well!

My kitty Minos would also like to let you know that he plays an important role during the fabrication process - he serves as Quality Control Inspector, to make sure that I don't miss any stitches and keep everything in line -